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Retired from full-time employment, my professional life is now spent contributing to a portfolio of activities in business and society.

I welcome enquiries from people who believe my skills, experience and humour can add value to a commendable commercial or social enterprise.

In general, I enjoy using my know-how to help inspire and create meaningful results.  In return, measured financially, I prefer to be rewarded under performance-based terms by a commercial enterprise.  My time is available pro bono to not-for-profit organisations.

Who I work with is more important to me than what I do.  

I enjoy working with talented individuals and teams whose personal qualities and values are admirable - and who unfailingly behave fairly towards others.

I like learning and I am adept at applying my capabilities to brand new challenges. 

I am deeply knowledgeable about the responsibilities and expectations of Non-Executive Directors, as well as the increasing legislation governing their performance.

In addition, I have a great deal of experience as both mentor and career advisor to senior executives in the private and public sector.

I believe my overriding value to others is as a trusted advisor and often unique problem solver.