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Articles written for the Association of MBAs publication

"Recession - The Reality for the MBA Recruitment Market"
Download PDF #

"Financial Times MBA Rankings 2008 - Views and News"
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"The Importance of Philanthropy"
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"15 to 20 Years After Your MBA - What's Next?"
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"The MBA Market in the Middle East"
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"The Changing Role of the Director"
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"MBA Career Outlook"
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Executive Grapevine

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London is the world’s largest financial centre. When will Dubai be #2? What are you doing about it?

Executive Grapevine - January 2007 - Download PDF #




Something brand new - - to help you deal with an ever-increasing talent shortage. Do your sourcing methods need a boost?

Executive Grapevine - December 2006 - Download PDF #

The Charity Commission has paved the way for wider payment of Trustees which has the opportunity to transform who sits on charity boards and how board members are recruited.

Executive Grapevine - November 2006 - Download PDF #

What do Microsoft, Barclays Bank, Morgan Stanley and Ernst & Young have in common?

Executive Grapevine - October 2006 - Download PDF #

The demand for Non-Executive Directors has never been higher - are you making the most of this growing market?

Executive Grapevine - September 2006 - Download PDF #

What's Hot and What's Not?

Executive Grapevine - August 2006 - Download PDF #

Top MBA candidates are in serious demand - do you get the best out of your MBA recruitment efforts?

Executive Grapevine - July 2006 - Download PDF #

Online recruitment advertising - just 10 years to overtake print - what is next?

Executive Grapevine - June 2006 - Download PDF #

The candidate experience - does your online application process attract or repel experienced candidates?

Executive Grapevine - May 2006 - Download PDF #

An award-winning way to protect your brand and reputation.

Executive Grapevine - April 2006 - Download PDF #

Is the internet working for you...or against you?

Executive Grapevine - March 2006 - Download PDF #

Talent management top of the agenda for FTSE Non-Executives.

Executive Grapevine - February 2006 - Download PDF #

The forecast for 2006 - what is just over the horizon?

Executive Grapevine - January 2006 - Download PDF #




Where has all the talent gone? Are we back in a seller's market?

Executive Grapevine - December 2005 - Download PDF #

More executives are opting for a portfolio career - and using the internet to create a new life of work.

Executive Grapevine - November 2005 - Download PDF #

Recruiting Non-Executive Directors on the web - replacing the 'old boy' network.

Executive Grapevine - October 2005 - Download PDF #

The online ad - a new media phenomenon.

Executive Grapevine - September 2005 - Download PDF #

Consolidation within the online market is accelerating with both vertical and horizontal transactions.

Executive Grapevine - August 2005 - Download PDF #

Online recruitment advertising increased 50% between 2003 and 2004. The UK market is now worth over £100m - no wonder it has the attention of the large community-based internet players.

Executive Grapevine - July 2005 - Download PDF #

Is your recruitment horizon global rather than local?

Executive Grapevine - May 2005 - Download PDF #

Can you trust what job boards tell you about traffic and users?

Executive Grapevine - March 2005 - Download PDF #

Why do HR and recruitment professionals increasingly view online recruitment as an indispensable activity?

Executive Grapevine - February 2005 - Download PDF #

Online Recruitment A Perspective on the Market.

Executive Grapevine - January 2005 - Download PDF #

Women in Business Articles


What women think - Growing Business Online - January 2007

Women are doing it for themselves - Coming Soon

Just how broad is your board? - The Telegraph - November 2003

Cracks in the glass ceiling- - June 2003

Working in the Middle East

Doing Business in Dubai
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How to... Find the Right Non-Executive Director

Growing Business, March 2007
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I'm a Non-Exec - Don't Get me Out of Here!

A summary of an article which appeared in Human Resources Magazine
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Finding the Right Non-Executive Director

Summary of the presentation by Betty Thayer, Chief Executive of at the Institute of Directors conference, 'The Effective Non-Executive Director', 20 March 2003

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